Sunday, August 16, 2015

Random fat, comin' atcha cheap!

Salsa/Clownshoe wheelset.

Salsa Enabler front and Mukluk 2 rear hubs laced to Surly Clownshoe 100mm rims using DT Swiss butted spokes and DT Prolock alloy nips.  Front hub is 135mm, rear is 170mm.  Surly rimstrips and Salsa QR skewers included.

This is an $820 wheelset.  New, never been ridden, never been installed on a bike.  Selling them now for $500 shipped.

+ + + + +

Hope/Surly front wheel.

15 x 150mm Hope FatSno front hub laced to a Surly Marge Lite rim with DT Swiss spokes and nips.

Hub, spokes, nips, and rimstrip are new.  Rim has been ridden, and has some dried-on "permadirt", but has no damage to speak of.  This wheel spins round and true and the spoke tension has been balanced out.

Selling it now for $225 shipped.

+ + + + +

*** None of the above wheels include tires in the advertised price. ***

I *am* happy to supply tires if you'd like.  I have these options in stock:

Vee Mission 4.0" 120tpi = $40

Surly Nate 26 x 4.0 120tpi = $79

Bontrager Hodag tubeless 26 x 4.0 = $75

45N Dunderbeist tubeless 120tpi x 4.6" = $127

45N Van Helga tubeless 120tpi x 4.0" = $108

45N Husker Du 120tpi x 4.0" = $99

Vee Bulldozer 120tpi x 4.7" = $94

Maxxis Mammoth 120tpi x 4.0" EXO = $99

+ + + + +

Single front wheel for Bluto.

DT Swiss 350 fatbike front hub, 15 x 150mm, laced to a Bontrager Jackalope tubeless-ready fatbike rim using DT Swiss butted spokes and DT Swiss Prolock alloy nips.  

All black, clearly.

One wrap of tubeless tape and a valve installed, then shod with a Maxxis Mammoth 26 x 4.0" 120tpi tire, tubeless.

This is a $650 front wheel.  New, never been ridden, never been installed on a bike.  Selling it now for $410 shipped, and *yes*, this wheel does include the Mammoth tire.

+ + + + +

E-bike take-offs.

I crowdfunded a fat e-bike project a few months back.  I never had any intention of running it with fat wheels or tires, but the price was too good to pass up for a complete bike.

As soon as it arrived I stripped the front wheel off and replaced it with a 29" tubeless version.

Then I loosened/clipped the spokes on the rear wheel, and re-laced the hub motor into a 29" tubeless version.

Thus I have this front wheel/tube/tire and rear rim/tube/tire for sale.

They are new, never been ridden--not even once.

Rims are 85mm wide, rimstrips appear to be a quality reinforced ripstop of some sort.  Tubes and Chaoyang 4.9" tires also feel nice to the hand--supple, not cheap.  Tread looks a lot like a 45N Husker Du or Panaracer Fat B Nimble.

Front hub is unbranded, with 135mm spacing.

Total for front wheel/tire and rear rim/tire is $180 including shipping.  Great inexpensive way to get started on your own fatbike project.

Want just the tires?  Sure--$90 for the pair includes shipping.

Don't need the tires, but want the front wheel/rear rim?  Sure--$95 includes rimstrips and shipping.

Need 'em?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Carbon fatbike rolling chassis for sale.


I built this fatbike for Jeny late in December of 2014.

The frame is an Ican Bicycles model SN01, 16" version.  I bought it through eBay/PayPal, because I wasn't sure if I could trust the manufacturer/seller and going that route gave me some recourse if things weren't as advertised.

Turns out I needn't have worried.  The frame is a quality piece of kit in every way, and if not for the fact that it is a bit too small (short in the TT) for Jeny, she'd probably be keeping it.

It has been ridden very little.  Fatbikes are snowbikes for us 98% of the time, and the winter of '14/'15 in CO was largely devoid of snow.  I'd estimate it has been ridden fewer than 300 total miles.  In a word, pristine but for some dust.

The fork is a RockShox Bluto with 100mm of travel.  I winterized it by using a Ow synthetic oil and by using the Borealis ETR seal kit.  She rode it down to -20* with no problems.

In the picture above you can see a silver ring atop the fork crown.  This is actually a spacer between the fork crown and the crown race, which gives you just enough space so that there is no contact between the fork and the downtube when the bars are turned 90*.  I had a good friend machine this spacer for exactly this reason, and without it the fork will contact the frame.

Rims are Nextie Black Eagle in the extremely rare purple color.  They are laced to DT Swiss 350 disc hubs.  150 x 15 front for Bluto, 197 x 12 to fit this frame.  I used DT Swiss SuperComp triple butted spokes and DT Swiss alloy nips.  These wheels are incredibly light, incredibly stiff, and very easy to set up and run tubeless with supreme reliability.  

Tires are Surly Knard 4.8", brand new today, and are already set and holding tubeless.

(Want a Bud up front and Lou out back, or some other combo?  Sure thing--just ask.)

The seatpost is a RockShox Reverb Stealth with 125mm of travel.  Bonus that the frame has stealth routing.

Note in the pic above that I installed a seat collar with an additional rack mount.  Rack info below.

Ican headset, spacers, and generic stem included.  Reverb remote pictured above, as well as internal rear der housing that I left routed through the frame to make building this bike up easier for you.

The rack below is included and fits the frame perfectly.

Above, from left, are the Bluto shock pump, Bluto maintenance kit, 190-hub-compatible BB spindle for Race Face cranks, and Reverb bleed kit.  All included.  Spare rear der hanger not pictured but also included.

If you were to assemble this package from the ground up, you'd have to pay *at minimum* $3000 just to arrive at this rolling chassis.

I'm selling this one, exactly as pictured and described above, for $1800 including Fed Ex Ground shipping.

I'm willing to split the wheels from the rest.  So you can buy the frame/HS/fork/seatpost/rack, etc... for $900.

Or you can get the wheels with tires included for $900.

Contact me here:

I also have a brilliant set of 29+ wheels that will fit this frame.  Happy to make a package deal on those wheels when purchased with the above chassis.

Friday, July 31, 2015

*Light* Bucksaw wheelset for sale.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock you've heard plenty the last few months about Salsa's full suspension fatbike, dubbed the Bucksaw.

As anyone that owns one knows, they did a good job of spec'ing this bike with quality components at the price point they targeted.

But with any build comes a compromise, and on this one the wheelset left a lot of room for improvement, both in weight and in the ability to easily and reliably run them tubeless.

Because most are riding this bike on dirt, with little need for massive flotation, the rims don't need to be 'winter wide', and the tires don't need huge (read: slow) tread blocks to dig in.

Thus, the most common wheelset I've been building for Bucksaw owners looking to improve the performance of their steed is this one.

The end goal was to shed as much rotational weight as possible.  The secondary goal was to keep them as stiff and durable as the stock set.  The final goal was to put some fast, supple, tubeless ready tires on there--both to shed the weight of a tube and to ensure low rolling resistance when run tubeless.

Hubs are Salsa Fat Conversion.  15 x 150 up front for Bluto, 12 x 177 out back for Bucksaw.  They can be set up for XD or 10 speed--please specify.

Rims are Stans Hugo, 26" x 52mm.

Spokes are DT Swiss SuperComp triple butted, nips are DT Swiss Prolock alloy.

Stans tubeless tape and valves are included and installed.

The end result is a wheelset that sheds a good chunk of mass (almost half a pound per wheel in rims, spokes, and nips, compared to stock) and that allows you to easily, safely, and reliably run them tubeless, thus saving yet more weight by removing the tube from the equation.

If you want just the wheelset (already have tires?  Fine by me...) the total cost is $700 including shipping to the lower 48.

Want a set of light, supple, tubeless ready tires too?  I stock 45N Van Helga or Dunderbeist, Bontrager Hodag, Maxxis Mammoth, or Vee Bulldozer.  Tell me which two you want and I'll quote a package price.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Derby 29+ wheelset.

I built this wheelset for summer use on my fatbike.  

They've been ridden for 127 miles.

Hubs are DT Swiss 350.  Front is 150 spaced for Bluto, rear is 12 x 197 to fit most modern fatbikes.

Rims are Derby 35mm wide 29".  XC layup.

I used DT Swiss SuperComp triple butted spokes and DT Prolock alloy nips.  All black, obviously.

They have been run tubeless since new.  Tape and valves are included.

As you can see, there are a few superficial scrapes and scratches on the rim sidewalls.  The kind of thing that you get on every ride when you live and ride in rocks.  None affect durability or function--all are purely cosmetic.

This is a $1500 wheelset.

Seeing this set, now, for $1000 including shipping.

Tires pictured are NOT included.

Happy to include a different set of tires as part of a package deal.  I have Bontrager Chupacabras, Surly Dirt Wizards, Vee Trax Fatty's, and Maxxis Chronicles.  Mix and match as suits your needs, and I'll quote you a price including installation on the wheels before shipping.

Shipping will be via Fed Ex Ground, and you'll get emailed tracking info.

Need 'em?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lenz Milk Money for sale.

Price dropped--see below.

Size small, polished finish, excellent condition.

4" front travel, 3" rear.

Pics tell most of what you need to know.

Yep, Pushed..

Aluminum valves even!

Wheels and tires are brand new--I laced them yesterday with DT butted spokes and alloy nips.  Tires are tubeless with sealant already installed.

Syntace carbon bars, stem, and ESI grips are also brand new, never ridden.  Bars are 720mm wide.

Saddle is new.

Hard to see, but yes that is a King NoThreadSet.

As built it is sized for someone in the 5'4" to 5'5" range.  Can easily fit up to 5'8" with a taller/longer stem and post.  Happy to swap in a longer/taller stem if you already know this 40mm version is gonna be too stubby.

Gearing is 29 x 21 = 1.38 ratio = 40 gear inches.  On the low side if your trails are fast and smooth, just about right if you live where there are mountains.

It has the usual scuffs and scrapes and cable rub spots that you'd expect on a used bike.  The only spot that is worthy of mention is pictured below--a teeny little dent in the non-drive-side seatstay.

I asked Devin Lenz if he thought it merited concern or action, and he said 'Nah--don't worry about that little thing'.  

He also made clear that he could replace that seatstay if I wanted, but he didn't see the point for something so trivial.

Cost is $1800.

Don't need the whole bike?  OK--I'll sell the frame/fork/headset/rear shock for $1000 shipped.  

Pedals not included.

Previous owner rarely/never used the remote fork lockout, so I removed it from the bike.  It is included with the sale, so you're covered if you know you'll use it.

Awesome bike.

Need it?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tire sale.


Vee Mission 4.0" 120tpi = $40

Surly Nate 26 x 4.0 120tpi = $79

Bontrager Hodag 26 x 4.0 = $75

45N Dunderbeist tubeless 120tpi 4.6" = $127


Panaracer Fat B Nimble 29 x 3" = $70

Maxxis Chronicle 29 x 3" EXO TLR = $120

Bontrager Chupacabra 29 x 3" TLR = $109


WTB Vigilante TCS 29 x 2.3" AM = $47

WTB Dissent 29 x 2.5" AM/FR = $40


Vee Trax Fatty 27.5 x 3.25" = $69

WTB Trailblazer 27.5 x 2.8" = $65

Maxxis Chronicle 27.5 x 3.0" 120tpi, EXO, TR = $98

* * * * * 

All prices include ground shipping in the Lower 48.

Need some?