Tuesday, September 22, 2015

LenzSport PBJ frame for sale.

29" wheels + 7" of travel = monster truck.

Or something like it.

Devin Lenz has been building and refining this 'park bike' chassis for 5+ years now, with feedback coming from places like Whistler and Winter Park.  

I built this one two years ago, but didn't get to ride it until this year.  And even then we only managed 6 park days, so this bike is scarcely broken in.

Includes a RockShox Vivid R2C rear shock with 600# spring.  Good for riders in the range of ~180 to    ~200#.  Not in that range?  Springs are cheap (like $30 or so) and easy to swap.

Seatpost is not included.  Seat collar and rear Maxle are.

Chris King NoThreadset included.  Right-side-up install gratis.

Standard threaded (hallelujah) BB shell, with removable ISCG '05 plate for your chain guide.

Color = 'red-as'.

Purchased new this is a ~$2600 package.  It's got 2 Winter Park days and 4 Crested Butte days on it, so it's not new but it sure ain't used either.

$1200 includes shipping in the lower 48.  Happy to ship to Canada or Alaska too--but shipping will be higher.

Need it?


Friday, August 28, 2015


I don't often get artistically creative with wheelbuilds unless someone specifically requests it.

This is a rare exception.

I laced a set of DT Swiss 350 (aka 3Fatty) hubs to a set of Surly Rolling Darryl 82mm wide rims, using DT Swiss Competition butted spokes and DT Prolock alloy nips.

Front hub is 15 x 150 for Bluto, rear hub is 12 x 197.  Both hubs have DT Swiss Centerlock-to-6-bolt adapters installed, so you're covered regardless of braking system.

Freehub can be Shimano 10 or SRAM 11--please specify.

I installed white Surly rimstrips because I liked the motif, but you can have black, red, blue, orange, or none at all if you prefer.

At MSRP this is an ~$1100 wheelset once you factor in labor and shipping.

Selling this one set, now, for $787 shipped.

* * * * *

Like the wheels but want something a little less, uh, white?

I have the rims in stock in olive green, school-bus yellow, pimp-daddy gold, none-more-black, and root beer.

Spokes can be black, white, or silver.

Nips can be black, red, blue, gold, green, purple, or silver.

Combine any of the above *except* for white spokes, and the total will be $700 all-in.

* * * * *

And no, these tires aren't included, but they sure are pretty and long overdue.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Random fat, comin' atcha cheap!

Salsa/Clownshoe wheelset.

Salsa Enabler front and Mukluk 2 rear hubs laced to Surly Clownshoe 100mm rims using DT Swiss butted spokes and DT Prolock alloy nips.  Front hub is 135mm, rear is 170mm.  Surly rimstrips and Salsa QR skewers included.

This is an $820 wheelset.  New, never been ridden, never been installed on a bike.  Selling them now for $500 shipped.

+ + + + +

Hope/Surly front wheel.

15 x 150mm Hope FatSno front hub laced to a Surly Marge Lite rim with DT Swiss spokes and nips.

Hub, spokes, nips, and rimstrip are new.  Rim has been ridden, and has some dried-on "permadirt", but has no damage to speak of.  This wheel spins round and true and the spoke tension has been balanced out.

Selling it now for $225 shipped.

+ + + + +

*** None of the above wheels include tires in the advertised price. ***

I *am* happy to supply tires if you'd like.  I have these options in stock:

Vee Mission 4.0" 120tpi = $40

Surly Nate 26 x 4.0 120tpi = $79

Bontrager Hodag tubeless 26 x 4.0 = $75

45N Dunderbeist tubeless 120tpi x 4.6" = $127

45N Van Helga tubeless 120tpi x 4.0" = $108

45N Husker Du 120tpi x 4.0" = $99

Vee Bulldozer 120tpi x 4.7" = $94

Maxxis Mammoth 120tpi x 4.0" EXO = $99

+ + + + +

Single front wheel for Bluto.

DT Swiss 350 fatbike front hub, 15 x 150mm, laced to a Bontrager Jackalope tubeless-ready fatbike rim using DT Swiss butted spokes and DT Swiss Prolock alloy nips.  

All black, clearly.

One wrap of tubeless tape and a valve installed, then shod with a Maxxis Mammoth 26 x 4.0" 120tpi tire, tubeless.

This is a $650 front wheel.  New, never been ridden, never been installed on a bike.  Selling it now for $410 shipped, and *yes*, this wheel does include the Mammoth tire.

+ + + + +

Friday, July 31, 2015

*Light* Bucksaw wheelset for sale.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock you've heard plenty the last few months about Salsa's full suspension fatbike, dubbed the Bucksaw.

As anyone that owns one knows, they did a good job of spec'ing this bike with quality components at the price point they targeted.

But with any build comes a compromise, and on this one the wheelset left a lot of room for improvement, both in weight and in the ability to easily and reliably run them tubeless.

Because most are riding this bike on dirt, with little need for massive flotation, the rims don't need to be 'winter wide', and the tires don't need huge (read: slow) tread blocks to dig in.

Thus, the most common wheelset I've been building for Bucksaw owners looking to improve the performance of their steed is this one.

The end goal was to shed as much rotational weight as possible.  The secondary goal was to keep them as stiff and durable as the stock set.  The final goal was to put some fast, supple, tubeless ready tires on there--both to shed the weight of a tube and to ensure low rolling resistance when run tubeless.

Hubs are Salsa Fat Conversion.  15 x 150 up front for Bluto, 12 x 177 out back for Bucksaw.  They can be set up for XD or 10 speed--please specify.

Rims can be Stans Hugo, 26" x 52mm, or Hugo in 27.5", or WTB Scraper in 27.5", no change in price.

Spokes are DT Swiss SuperComp triple butted, nips are DT Swiss Prolock alloy.

Stans tubeless tape and valves are included and installed.

The end result is a wheelset that sheds a good chunk of mass (almost half a pound per wheel in rims, spokes, and nips, compared to stock) and that allows you to easily, safely, and reliably run them tubeless, thus saving yet more weight by removing the tube from the equation.

If you want just the wheelset (already have tires?  Fine by me...) the total cost is $700 including shipping to the lower 48.

Want a set of light, supple, tubeless ready tires too?  I stock most 26" x fat and B+, tell me which two you want and I'll quote a package price.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tire sale.


Vee Mission 4.0" 120tpi = $40

Surly Nate 26 x 4.0 120tpi = $79

Bontrager Hodag 26 x 4.0 = $75

45N Dunderbeist tubeless 120tpi 4.6" = $127


Panaracer Fat B Nimble 29 x 3" = $70

Maxxis Chronicle 29 x 3" EXO TLR = $120

Bontrager Chupacabra 29 x 3" TLR = $109


WTB Vigilante TCS 29 x 2.3" AM = $47

WTB Dissent 29 x 2.5" AM/FR = $40


Vee Trax Fatty 27.5 x 3.25" = $69

WTB Trailblazer 27.5 x 2.8" = $65

Maxxis Chronicle 27.5 x 3.0" 120tpi, EXO, TR = $98

* * * * * 

All prices include ground shipping in the Lower 48.

Need some?